Destructive, Non-Destructive and Precious Care Book Scanning
In an effort to protect you from paying for more than you want we off three types of scanning. Destructive book scanning is the least expensive. With destructive book scanning, when we receive your book, we will cut off the cover and discard it. Your loose book pages will be scanned and after your inspection period we will shred the physical pages. With Non-Destructive book scanning we will take care to protect your book in the form we receive it. The book will be scanned in a special scanner designed to scan books without destroying them. After your inspection period we will return your book to you free of additional charge. Precious Care Book Scanning is designed to treat old and fragile books with the upmost care. We keep your books away from light until just before they are scanned. The books are fitted into a special cradle so as to protect the spine. Light is used for only a very short time in order to get the scans and then the book is returned to its darkened protective container. After the inspection period we will carefully package your book and return it to you free of additional charge.
The Highest Quality Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
We use character recognition engines that are extremely accurate. Accuracy does, however, depend on how good the original is. As with any OCR’d document, some editing and correction should be expected.
We Use The Correct Resolution For Whatever End Product You Choose
The higher the resolution the bigger the file and the slower it will display. Therefore, for images only 200 dpi would be the most desired resolution. For Optical recognition and print-publishing quality 300-400 dpi would be the optimum resolution.
We Offer Many Format Options
You may choose from several standard file formats. We offer TIF, JPG, Word, Searchable PDF, Native eBook formats (ePub, PRC), Audiobook (mp3).
We Use One Of The Best Text-To-Speech Engines
If you wish to turn your book into an ‘Audiobook’ so you can listen instead of read, we use conversion software to produce a pleasant and realistic narration.
In addition …
We support international languages, free return shipping, page sizes up to A2 (16.5″ x 23.3″)