Put the power of document imaging to work

Having your paper processes automated in an “electronic filing cabinet” changes everything – turning transactions that took minutes into seconds. Never before has the maxim that “time is money” become more of a reality. Document imaging provides real dollars and cents benefits, such as: shortening account receivable cycles, minimizing paper storage, lowering staff filing time, and boosting productivity. Plus, we design a program that is ideally suited for your organization. Contact us today.

Book Scanning

There are many reasons for scanning books. You may want them accessible via your Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc. Our specialty is scanning old or fragile or priceless books that must be treated with the utmost care.

Shred Monkey

It’s a jungle out there. We provide pick-up and on-site paper shredding services, or you can bring your shredding to us. we are AAA NAID Certified. That means you can trust us to protect and destroy your documents, pill bottles, CD’s, DVD’s, computer hard drives, etc.

Document Storage

RecordsPro provides complete storage solutions for your documents, including off-site physical storage and electronic storage on the Internet or other media. Please call us at 317-916-1800 for more information and a FREE estimate. We will gladly assist you.