More Power to you

What if you had an option to the filing cabinet? At RecordsPro we’ll automate the paper process and make document imaging a powerful tool, providing you with rapid access to your documents in several different ways. Achieving this goal involves a process of integrating the needs of your business with the expertise of our technologists and the capabilities of our service bureau. The end result is an “electronic filing cabinet” that’s always accessible and truly multi-functional. We accept the toughest challenges and welcome the opportunity to deliver more value to your overall business.

The Document Imaging Process

  1. Examine the workflow. Understanding your people and facility and how documents are handled within your organization is the first step toward developing a plan. A RecordsPro document-imaging consultant will evaluate your operation, examine the workflow, and apply best practices.
  2. Develop the blueprint. Next comes the plan or blueprint. Our consultant will set goals for your new process and describe options that are the most appropriate for your organization. It could be an on-site solution that includes using your own scanner, software and the Internet. Or, it might be a turnkey solution that RecordsPro handles off-site. In either case, the plan will be designed to grow with your organization and assist you in reaching your goals and becoming more productive.
  3. Map a schedule. With an approved blueprint in place, we quickly put together a schedule for your customized document-imaging solution. Your RecordsPro consultant helps you implement the approved solution and then puts the necessary safeguards in place. Your staff will also be trained to gain the greatest benefits of records-space reduction, speed of information retrieval, information accessibility, and increased security.

RecordsPro provides complete storage solutions for your documents, including off-site physical storage and electronic storage on the Internet or other media. Please call us at 317-916-1800 for more information and a FREE estimate. We will gladly assist you.