It’s A Fact:Placing an order is easy.
It’s A Fact:The basic scanning option may include most of your needs and the additional options should satisfy all your needs. If not just contact us. We will be happy to help.
It’s A Fact:Most books can be scanned. Here are our limits. For books that must be kept intact we need a 1/2″ inner margin, otherwise 1/4″ will do. Maximum page size is A2 (16.5″ x 23.3″). Our maximum page size for destructive book scanning and document imaging is 11″x17″.
It’s A Fact:We can make changes for you AFTER your review of the files.
It’s A Fact:There is a big difference between so-called ‘destructive’ and ‘non-destructive’ book scanning. Destructive book scanning is the least expensive but the original book is destroyed. With non-destructive book scanning the book is kept intact and will be returned to you.
It’s A Fact:Most orders are completed within one week.
It’s A Fact:We support many, many different languages.
It’s A Fact:We don’t have to scan every page in a book. You can flag pages with a sticky note with an ‘X’ on it and sticking out from the edge opposite the spine.
It’s A Fact:All pages will be scanned black and white unless flagged with a sticky note sticking out of the edge opposite the spine. Mark it with a ‘C’ for color or ‘G’ for greyscale. Yes, it cost extra.
It’s A Fact:All photographs need to be marked greyscale if not in color or color if you want a recognizable picture. When scanning black and white all shades of grey will be rendered either black or white.
It’s A Fact:We don’t think any order is too big. Why not test us on this fact.
It’s A Fact:After the scanning phase and file conversion is complete your files will be available for download from our server in ZIP format. We can also FTP the file to you if you want.
It’s A Fact:You must consider copyright laws. It is your responsibility to insure compliance with all copyright laws. RecordsPro.Net, LLC cannot be held liable for any unlawful activity. By placing an order, you certify full compliance with all applicable copyright law. For information on US copyright law, please contact the US Copyright Office.
It’s A Fact:You must comply with our terms and conditions. See ‘Terms and Conditions’ at the bottom of our Order Page.
It’s A Fact:Your pages do not have to be in book form. If your pages are loose documents just choose the ‘Document Scanning Option.’
It’s A Fact:There is practically never a problem with an order. However if it happens we will do our very best to satisfy the problem.
It’s A Fact:We produce near perfect results.
It’s A Fact:OCR stand for Optical Character Recognition. Although not perfect, OCR is very good. When a page is scanned it results only in a picture of the page. OCR examines the picture and turns it back into text that can be edited with any word processor.
It’s A Fact:Sending your books or documents to us via USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. is very safe.