Why would anyone want their books scanned?

There are many reasons for scanning books. You may have reference books or school books that need to be carried around with you on a regular basis. You could choose to have these books scanned and made readable and searchable either on your laptop or desktop or perhaps you want them accessible via your Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.

The advantages could be several. You would not need to carry those heavy books to class or jobs. You could search for words or phrases inside your books giving you instant access to information without trying to find it using the books index. Perhaps you would like to convert your book to an audiobook. You may want to listen while driving or perhaps you have difficulty reading printed pages and would just like to listen instead of read.

If you own material in book or pamphlet form you may wish to share it with customers or others or perhaps you would like to preserve an out-of-print book. Our specialty is imaging old and often fragile, even priceless, books that must be treated with the utmost love and care. Often these books are sensitive to light and air and no longer can be opened fully without the help of special cradling. We will keep these books in a darkened environment and then only expose then to the safest light for the least amount of time necessary to complete the imaging process. The books are then returned to their safe storage, unharmed.

After you inspect the newly created images and approve we will ship your precious books back without additional cost to you.

Is it expensive to scan a book? Well, what do you think . . .

Prices start at $9.99 per book