Litigation Support

At RecordsPro, we understand that the courtroom battle is largely a battle of knowledge, and our litigation services are designed to help your team win. We offer litigation services in the quickest, most reliable methods available at an affordable price. Our document imaging services provide everything: accurate, accessible, organized and secure. With RecordsPro imaging your documents, file access is never in doubt, providing you the ability to conduct the most thorough and timely investigation possible.

Automate the litigation paper process
Project Management

During the document conversion process, we provide a consultant who is dedicated to coordinating your project. Weekly status reports keep the client coordinator apprised of each phase of the project.

Document Preparation
  1. Document disassembly
    • Binding devices such as staples, paperclips and rubber bands are removed. Codes are recorded to assure proper reassembly.
  2. Objective Unitization
    • Documents are categorized by the presence of physical binding devices.
  3. Subjective Unitization
    • Documents are categorized and coded by a careful set of guidelines.
    • The boundaries are determined by date, author, title, and physical format differences, etc.
  4. Document Scanning
    • Conversion of paper documents allows for on-demand viewing and printing.
Document Coding/Indexing

Bibliographic coding

  • Captures specific information on each document, allowing the litigation team to search using basic bibliographic codes such as Document Date, Document Title, Bates Began/End Number or Recipient, to name a few.

In-text coding

  • Captures specific data elements within the body of a document, such as a proper name, bill number or specific date.
Document Reproduction Services

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Provides access to complete text via computer readable and searchable text.

Bates stamping/labeling

  • Electronically stamped or physically labeled Endorsement or Bates numbers uniquely identify each page to produce an original collection of documents.

Document printing (blowbacks)

  • Electronic documents are printed or ‘hard copied’ when necessary with or without Bates numbers.
Delivery Services

Data and image delivery

  • Litigation data is delivered to the systems of all privileged parties. Any software can be used with almost any media delivery available today (CD, DAT, etc.).

Repository Services

  • Storage of database and images at remote locations or on a PC.

Litigation Copy Services

  • A Bates number on each page of your copies is always located in the lower right-hand corner, with your originals left in their original, unlabeled condition. No more “copy-label-copy.”
  • The words “Poor Original” are printed at the bottom of the page, next to the Bates number, if the original document is illegible.
  • A “customized message” is printed at the bottom of each copy, indicating such terms as “Confidential, produced under Court Order Judge Karen M. Burton-Document #11731.”
  • Copies delivered in three-ring binders and, instead of using staples or clips to denote document boundaries, the letter “D” on the page for document, “F” for folder, and “C” for child or attachment boundary, printed next to the Bates number in the lower right hand corner.
  • Detailed manifest of the box, or a box contents report along with the copies.
  • The box contents report provided on a diskette in an ASCII format, which imports easily into a database, permitting coding or indexing quickly and efficiently.
  • New Bates numbers are applied to additional copies and a comma-delimited ASCII file (after a privileged document selection). New copies are first copy quality.