Commercial Support

RecordsPro has the right document imaging solution for your commercial application. Converting your paper processes into an “electronic filing cabinet” allows to you win “the battle of knowledge.” Document imaging provides real dollars and cents benefits, such as shortening accounts receivable cycles, minimizing paper storage, lowering staff filing time, and providing fast and easy access to order and product information.

Automate the paper process

RecordsPro document imaging solutions can have a profound effect on your company. Documents contain knowledge – the information that your organization uses daily as a tool to improve productivity. Technology will automate the paper process allowing records processes that had previously been accepted as two-week rituals to be performed in seconds. On-site or at our production facility, your paper documentation can be converted and integrated into a retrieval management application that can include the use of fax, electronic mail or Web-based network – all with measurable results.

Retrieval of critical data

  • Gain PC Ready-access to general business documents, contracts, memos, H/R records, etc.

Retrieval of critical customer data

  • Enjoy instant access to order and invoice information.
  • Increase customer loyalty and improve speed of receivables collection.
  • Increase employee productivity.

Retrieval of accounts payable data

  • Improve cash flow.
  • View POs, invoices, and payment method instantly, avoiding late fees, double-payments or interest payments.

Historical data retrieval

  • Meet customer service expectations with excellent support.
  • Provide account information (receipt numbers, work orders, etc.) electronically.

Ease long-term storage woes.

  • Files are stored and converted at one facility.
  • Retrieval can be done via the Internet.
  • Reduce your disaster recovery risk.