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Document Imaging & Service Bureau

Document Imaging and Management Specialists

"Patient files and insurance verification are at our fingertips now that we’ve converted to digital files. Plus, with RecordsPro storing everything offsite, we have additional space available to expand our lab facility. I wish we would have converted years ago."
Internal Medicine Center
"Our firm seems to have picked up more efficiency and speed in the development of our case files. On top of that, we’re getting more wins than ever before. I guess you can say we’ve really benefited by taking our document system into the 21st century."
Local Law Firm
"I was surprised how quickly we got up to speed with RecordsPro. Their consultant evaluated our needs and came up with a solution we really liked. I can’t tell you how happy our staff is that they don’t have to do nearly as much file-cabinet searching re-filing. What a time-saver."
Branch Banking Office
"Since we converted to digital, our office has seen significant improvement in several areas, from customer service to employee productivity. Any business that is looking for a silver bullet to gain improvements should give RecordsPro a call. They’ve got it together."
Regional Distribution Center

Manufacturing Support

Documents that are lost or misfiled can mean lost revenue, not to mention lost productivity. Having your paper processes automated in an "electronic filing cabinet" changes everything. Documents are scanned, indexed and electronically stored, permitting instant recall of the information. Just a few clicks of a mouse and you retrieve the answers you need.

Cut through the red tape with document imaging.

Retrieve critical customer data.

  • Access order and invoice information instantly.
  • Increase customer loyalty and improve receivables collection.
  • Increase employee productivity and efficiency.

Ease long-term storage woes.

  • Files are stored and converted at our facility or yours.
  • Retrieval can be done via the Internet, fax or network.

Historical data retrieval

  • Convert all back file documents.